Fire Safety and Prevention in the Home for Children and the Youth (Ksh 500/-)

Fire Safety and Prevention in the Home for Children and the Youth
(Ksh 500/-)
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Practical guide to help children and the youth to reduce the chances of a fire happening and how to prevent them.

About this Book

Children and youth are one of the highest risk groups for deaths due to fires. This may occur at home, schools, social places (disco halls etc) and even in the farms. Who have been the greatest casualties in that fire accident that you have watched on TV today?

At home, children usually play with fire in many ways by using lighters, matches and other ignitables in the sitting room, kitchen, in the bedrooms, in closets, or even under the beds. These are "secret" places where there are many things that catch fire easily. Children can be curious about fire and flames. Some can become obsessed to the point of putting their lives and other people's in danger. What begins as a natural exploration of the unknown may become tragic.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide some guidance on fire safety and prevention. This Guide is designed to help children of all ages to think about, how they can react or do in the event of an accidental fire. It is also meant to be read with parents and teachers.

Key Topics

  • Chapter 1: How Fires Start
  • Chapter 2: Fire Symbols and Signs
  • Chapter 3: Simple Steps to Prevent Fires At Home
  • Chapter 4: What to Do In The Event Of Fire
  • Chapter 5: How to Help In Preventing Fires in the School
  • Chapter 6: How to Extinguish Small Fires
  • Chapter 7: Fire Safety in the Community