Basic Fire Safety and Prevention Guide(Ksh 1,000/-)

Basic Fire Safety and Prevention Guide(1,000/- Kenyan Shilling)
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A Practical handbook for people of all works of life, Fire Departments, Fire Rescue teams, Safety Professionals and trainees on Fire Safety and Fire Prevention.

About this Guide

Fire remains one of the leading causes of accidental deaths and destruction of properties in most countries, yet most people ignore it. Therefore, fire safety is important business and knowing the basic principles of fire can help lower these negative scenarios.

 Welcome to Basic Fire Safety and Prevention Guide.

This Guide contains useful information that I believe will help people of all walks of life including fire departments, fire safety professionals, trainees and rescue teams to get their fire prevention and fire safety systems in place. This Guide's practical and clear-cut advice will help you greatly reduce the chances of a fire happening in your home, the workplace, Institutions of learning, social places and in the community. If you have a fire, this Guide explains how to get everyone out quickly and safely. This Guide also helps you know how to operate fire protection systems. Fire protection systems includes but is not limited to: portable fire extinguishers, fire pumps, gas and smoke, heat detection systems, sprinkler systems, audible, visible, and voice evacuation systems, automatic extinguishing systems, smoke removal systems and exit systems.

The overall objective of this Guide is to help you build a fire safety programme at home, in the workplace, in schools and institutions of higher learning (e.g. universities, colleges, and polytechnics), social places (e.g. worship places, halls, theaters) farms and in the community.

Key Topics

  • Chapter 1: General Introduction on Fire
  • Chapter 2: Fire Safety Equipment
  • Chapter 3: Fire Fighting Tips and Prevention Strategies
  • Chapter 4: Fire Safety in the Home
  • Chapter 5: Fire Safety and the Countryside
  • Chapter 6: Fire Safety and Children
  • Chapter 7: Fire Safety in the Work Place
  • Chapter 8: Fire Safety and Learning Institutions
  • Chapter 9: Fire Drills
  • Chapter 10: How to Make the Community Safe from Fires
  • Chapter 11: Fire Safety at Social Places