Laboratory Safety Handbook 2nd Edition (Ksh 2,500/-)

Laboratory Safety Handbook (2,500 Kenyan Shilling)
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Handbook in Review

This is a comprehensive 1st Edition training guide for new staff and students in Health, Universities, and Research Institutions.

About this Handbook

This manual provides practical guidance on safety practices for use at all levels, from basic laboratories in Universities, Training Colleges, Hospitals and Research Institutions to maximum containment laboratories that regularly handle hazardous materials. It is prepared primarily as a training guide for those who join these Institutions on the use of chemicals, pathogens, equipment, facilities and animals in laboratories.

It is also intended for personnel ranging from researchers, students to a broad array of technicians. A wider audience of administrative, environmental health and safety officers in these institutions, governmental and other applicable agencies is also envisioned.

Key features

  • General principles of laboratory safety
  • Biosafety criteria in vertebrate, invertebrate, tissue culture facilities
  • General safety equipment
  • Chemical, electrical, fire, and hazardous waste management
  • Emergency responses
  • Developing an effective safety program