What we do

Environmental Health Safety (EHS Consultancy Ltd) is an independent organization performing contract scientific and consultancy services. With a focus on new technologies that support better health outcomes for humans, animals, and our environment, EHS Consultancy Ltd aims to develop sustainable partnerships with national governments, scientists, research, academia, regulatory agencies, public sector partners and other stakeholders in Africa and worldwide.

We  provide technical support on emerging biotechnologies which include gene drive, gene editing and synthetic biology applied to control of vector and infectious diseases, biosafety and biosecurity, regulatory best practices, address needs for new interventions in life sciences, food, feed, biocontainment, emerging infectious diseases and response to public health threats through One Health Systems.

EHS Consultancy Limited is also a customer-focused Organisation providing a range of environmental health and safety services designed to assist clients fulfil their duties under current health and safety legislation. Specifically, we provide;

♦  Environmental Impact/Audit Assessments (EIA/EA);
♦  Biological Risk Assessments;
♦  Occupational Health and Safety, Fire and Emergency Response;
♦  Radiation and Chemical Safety;
♦  Waste Management and Training;
♦  Biocontainment (BSL 1,2,3);
♦  Laboratory Safety Training, Commissioning, Certification, and Operations.

With the increased demand in certifications we offer consulting services for the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 15189, ISO 17025, OHSAS 18000, GMP, and GLP, and helping customers reach their certification objectives.

Contact us if you have any questions or need a quotation on a particular consulting, training or any of our services.