Consultancy, Advice & Support

Our comprehensive expertise includes:

♦  International negotiations and development of National Biosafety Legislation, Policy, Regulations, and Guidelines
♦  New interventions in life sciences, food, feed, Biotechnology, emerging infectious diseases and response to public health threats
♦  Biological Risk Assessment
♦  Biosafety Practices for Emerging Diseases and One Health Issues
♦  Laboratory Safety and Design
♦  Occupational Health and Safety, fire, radiation and chemical safety and emergency Response
♦  Biocontainment Laboratory Commissioning, Certification, and Operations
♦  Biosecurity, Bioterrorism and dual issues of concern
♦  Biosafety, Biosecurity, Biorisk Management Workshops and Training
♦  Biosafety Manual and Standard Operating Procedure Development
♦  One Health approaches to detection, diagnosis, control and reporting infectious diseases
♦  Training and needs assessment of issues above
♦  Waste Management