Fire Safety & Prevention

Quellsmart logoQuellSmart Fire Brigade Centre is a Trade Mark of EHS Consultancy Ltd a local company with its offices in Nairobi, Kenya. EHS Consultancy Ltd is recognized in Kenya as a leading authority in the field of fire safety. Its strengths are based on the combined expertise of a highly trained workforce. The company works in close partnership with a variety of organizations, companies to help make our commercial training activities form a vital part of this overall aim.

The Aim of our Training Courses

Our courses aim to provide a greater awareness of the threat posed by fire to people, property, and business continuity. By combining the recognition of individual responsibilities to promptly report fire related hazards, and how to initiate the appropriate actions should a fire occur, the risks to employees and the workplace will be reduced.


We provide a range of fire safety and other training courses as listed below:

♦  Basic fire awareness course
♦  Fire Extinguisher Training
♦  Fire Marshal/Fire Warden Training
♦  Fire Team Training
♦  Fire Risk Assessment course for Managers & Safety Professionals
♦  Fire Risk Assessment Training for Industry
♦  Fire Risk Assessment Training for Building Designers

If the fire safety course you require is not listed, we may be able to design or adapt a course to suit your needs.

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